Student-Athlete Advisory Committee



Owls Athletics SAAC Mission Statement and Bylaws


  • To make our Athletic Programs better by serving as a liaison between the athletic teams and the Department of Athletics in the development of support services and enrichment programs for student-athletes.
  • Assist in the implementation of programs for all Athletic Programs in the community that will promote a positive image of intercollegiate athletics.
  • Emphasize academic opportunities and responsibilities of student-athletes in their college experience.
    • Encourage student-athletes to enrich the experience of being a student-athlete by applying what is learned in athletics to their course of study and ultimately, to their career development.
    • Encourage the development of leadership skills for student-athletes.
      • Promote the opportunity for student-athletes to express their concerns with Athletic Administration and the Athletic Director.
      • Encourage the student-athletes to increase public relations and work with the campus in their endeavors to increase community support.
      • Emphasize the need of support from faculty and staff for all Athletic Programs.


Article I:

  • This organization shall be known as the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Article II:

  • All committee members must be NCAA, conference, and institutionally eligible both academically and athletically and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Additionally, board members must be a participating member of their respective sport.
  • All Advisory Committee members will be elected by their team, one upperclassman and one lowerclassman from each team, there will be no more than two (2) representatives, exclusive of officers of the board, for each team serving each academic year.

Article III:

Section 1

  • The officers of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee shall consist of a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer. These elected officials will be known as the executive board.
  • A majority vote by the upperclassman Advisory Committee members will be used as the selection process for officers.
    • Election of the president will be held at the last Advisory Committee meeting of the academic year, the other officers will be elected at the first meeting of the Fall Semester.

Section 2

  • The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will elect new officers to fill any vacant position if the elected officer is unable to carry out his/her obligation. The only exception applies to the office of the president, in which case the vice president will assume the responsibility.
  • President: Shall preside over all advisory board meetings.
  • Vice President: Shall act in the absence of the President and shall Chair the Constitution and By-laws committees.
    • Secretary: Shall be responsible for taking active minutes at each meeting and responsible for organizing committees.
    • Treasurer: Shall be responsible for working with the Athletic Director to establish an annual budget and expenditure of funds. Also responsible for receipt/deposit of all fund-raising money.

Section 3

  • Meetings will be scheduled for once a month, date and time will be selected at previous meeting.
    • Attendance is mandatory, if an absence is necessary, the Secretary must be notified. Two absences with no excuse, and Advisory Officers will request a new team representative. Practice is not a valid excuse for absence.
    • The president may appoint an interim secretary who will be responsible for filling the spot if the secretary is not present at a meeting.

Section 4

  • The procedure for voting will be a majority of the Advisory Committee members present at a meeting. The president has no voting power, except in the case of a tie, the president will cast the deciding vote.
  • Members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will vote on the By-laws of the Constitution. Ratification will be a majority vote of the board members present.

Article IV:

  • A quorum shall occur if half of the advisory board members are present at the meeting.
    • Regularly scheduled Student-Athlete Advisory Committee meetings will be "open" meetings, unless otherwise stated with appropriate notice and reason.
    • The executive board (the elected officers of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) has the power to rule on behalf of the advisory board when necessary.
    • The meetings of the executive board will be "closed" meetings. The executive board may open the meeting by invitation.

Article V:

  • Any and all fund-raising activities will follow athletic fund-raising procedures and must be granted written approval by the athletic director.
  • No expenses shall be made without approval of the advisory board’s advisor, the treasurer, and the athletic director.

Article VI:

  • All amendments must be passed by two-thirds vote of the Advisory Committee.
  • The athletic director, or his designee, will be the advisor to the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.


For more information on Owls S.A.A.C, please contact the S.A.A.C Advisor, Roxanne Hernandez.